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Our customers love the fact we care about their home with our Clean Boot, boot covers. In the winter it prevents tracking snow and water throughou.. ~ Mike Spencer, Electrician


The Original CleanBoot® Gives the Best First Impression to
Win Customers for Life!

  • Show customers that you care and respect their property
  • Generates Customer Satisfaction
  • Generates referrals and repeat business
  • Complies with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
    in Canada
  • Saves time on the job and clean up costs


Reusable Shoe Covers – The Clean Boot
Customers do not like mud tracked into their boats from a technician. The Clean Boot gave us a competitive edge & our customers love us!.. ~ Shane, Hot Knots Landing Marina

How to Order "The Clean Boot"

How to Order


  • Small: Sizes 6-8 (for women and children)
  • Medium: Sizes 8-10 (for men)
  • Large: Sizes 10-12 (for men)
  • Extra Large: Sizes 12-15 plus (for men)


Who uses 'The Clean Boot'