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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Original Clean Boot

Finding a perfect pair of work boots is just like making your very own fantasy basketball team – it takes
great deal of research to bring together a winning combo.

There are so many factors that need your consideration while shopping for a pair of work boots. From
toe type, to slip resistance and construction to safety standards, you have to keep all these things in
mind before investing in a pair. But what if all this effort fails to earn you a positive client feedback?

Usually, residential contractors aren’t allowed to remove their work boots indoor and they need
something that can prevent mess from soiled or unclean footwear.

But do you know that there is a great product that can help workers maintain wearing their OSHA-required footwear while working in a customer’s home?

The Original CleanBoot provides protection of floors and carpets against dirt and debris caused by dirty
work boots. These washable and reusable boot covers are ideal for painters, plumbers, electricians,
HVAC technicians, carpenters, and many other trades workers. Even furniture and appliance stores can
use them for all their in-home delivery people. Simply, put on The Original Clean Boot, over your safety
footwear and you’re all set to step in your customer’s home without making any sort of mess. Great,

So whether you’re into plumbing, electrical, renovations or HVAC/R, the Original Clean Boot is a MUST.
Below you will find 5 reasons that will surely convince you to pick The Original CleanBoot as the perfect
working partner for your work boots.

Reason 1 – It Fits Over Your Existing Boots

The Original Clean Boot comes with an easy heel loop that ensures effortless on/off capability. It fits
over your dirty boots and gives you a firm fit. The grippy sole provides better traction on smooth
surfaces such as tiled floors. The neoprene-crafted Original Clean Boot is a perfect choice for contractors
that need to work in residential or domestic settings. After all, it’s a very positive unsaid gesture of
consideration to your clients.

Reason 2 – It Provides Impeccable Slip Resistance

Slips and trips are one of the most common workplace injuries. The Original Clean Boot comes with a
great slip resistant feature, the sole provides extra grip and support. Using The Original Clean Boot
enable you to leave your footwear on to prevent any possible injury or accumulation of outside debris or
dirt. The convenience of carrying our water-resistant and slip-resistant boot covers enables you to
properly meet your customer’s expectation of cleanliness.

Reason 3 – Build-Quality

When talking about work boot covers, build-quality certainly is a big factor. The material used in the
construction and the way sole is attached can greatly influence the wear and tear of the product. The

Original CleanBoot is made from a high-quality 100% neoprene that provides added durability. Your
Original Clean Boots will definitely show your customers you care, and respect their home, earning you
repeat business for years to come.

Reason 4 – It’s Eco-Friendly

Unlike other commercial products available in the market that are generally made up of plastic and
paper and disposable, the Original Clean Boot is washable and reusable. The product’s Eco-friendly
nature helps save the environment from all the waste created by plastic and paper disposables. Plus, it’s
definitely more economical as you can wash and reuse your Clean Boot’s many times.

Reason 5 – It Helps You Build Your Business Reputation

Distinguish your business from the competition by demonstrating your care for your client’s property.
The Original Clean Boot is a practical way to eliminate damage to all floor types. It gives you an
opportunity to maintain a great working relationship with your customer.

All in all, the Original Clean Boot is just a smart way to achieve the balance between your worker’s safety
and leaving a great impression of impeccable customer service. They are robust, reliable and can be put
on with little effort.

So, are you ready to receive great testimonials from your customers? Give The Original Clean Boot a try
and stay in front of the competition.

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