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Moving? How Neoprene Shoe Covers Saved Me Time and the Mess

As an electrician, I’ve used neoprene shoe covers as a practical application to my business, to avoid taking my safety boots off when entering a customers home (so that I can maintain my insurance) as well as to keep my customer’s homes clean from water, dirt and debris.  It is for this same reason that the Clean Boot sells their neoprene shoe covers to so many people in various contracting businesses. Though I use the Clean Boot neoprene shoe covers at work, I am always happy to see other uses for the Clean Boot.

A very practical application for the Clean Boot neoprene shoe covers is for those moving to a new home.  Last weekend, I went over with family to help my younger brother move into his first home.  Naturally, he had rented a truck, and had many helpers who were eager to get him moved in.  Before I arrived, one of two things was happening.  People were either wasting time to take their shoes off.  Not only this, they were leaving their shoes in front of the door as a trip hazard for the next person coming in.  The other thing that occurred was that some people kept their shoes on.  My brother was not happy about this, because the dirt on the bottoms of their shoes both scratched the surface of his new flooring, and made a mess on his clean carpets- he hadn’t even moved in yet!

Naturally, I felt like a super hero of day to day life, when I pulled out some extra pairs of the Clean Boot neoprene shoe covers that I had hanging around my truck.  I put the covers at the door so that people would not have to spend the time unlacing and lacing up their shoes and boots every time they brought in something from the moving truck.  My brother was also happy that people weren’t walking through his new home in their dirty shoes.

I have professional moving companies order the Clean Boot neoprene boot covers for the same practical applications that I encountered this past weekend.  Professional movers know that to make money in a move, you don’t want to waste time untying and tying up your laces, and you want to keep customer satisfaction rates high by not dirtying up a brand new home, so you get repeat business.  It only makes sense for professional movers to wear the Clean Boot shoe covers.

Even though it’s blatantly obvious, I hadn’t really thought about how what works well for moving companies as a successful business model, also works fantastically, and for the same practical reasons for the everyday person who is moving to a new home.

The moving process is laborious and stressful enough, why not simplify your move, and save time and the mess by wearing neoprene shoe covers… It just makes sense.

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