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Sears Home Installation Now Uses the Clean Boot

The Clean Boot would like to extend a warm welcome to Sears Home Installation, as they have recently come on board with using the Clean Boot for their home installation service workers on the job site.

Sears has been known for their great contributions to the service business for in-home installations such as furnaces, appliances, electronics and the like.  Sears prides itself in providing quality, professional service, while adhering to safety and building codes.  Sears ensures the customers that their home installers complete a high level of training, and in addition to this training, they are able to offer fully insured service to their customers.

It was the next logical step for Sears’ to have their home installation professionals wear the Clean Boot, as they have a dedication to exceptional customer service and safety.  Now that their home service installers wear the Clean Boot, they can continue to wear their work boots (maintaining an insurable service) while at the same time demonstrating to their customers that they are respectful of their homes.  These neoprene boot covers ensure that Sears home installers will not track any dirt and debris inside the home.  The Clean Boot is also in alliance with Sears high regard for safety.  In addition to Sears home installers being able to wear their safety boots on the job, the Clean Boot neoprene work boot cover has a non-slip grip that prevents workers from falling on the job.

The addition of the Clean Boot safety boot covers to the Sears’ Home installers uniform, is just another way that Sears shows their customers that they go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

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