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Slips, Trips and Falls – The Importance of Quality Footwear at Work

Slips, trips and falls - Foot Injury

Slips, trips, and falls… These are the consequences that contractors working in the field go through often. There have been many cases reported in the past few years regarding injuries caused by slips, trips and falls at the workplace, while some of those cases also resulted in the death of the worker. These cases highlight the fact that the field staff deployed in the workplace should be knowledgeable enough to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

It’s not just about the deaths or life-threatening injuries, there are common foot problems as well that are associated with slips, trips, and falls. There are a lot of other reasons for foot problems that result in workers complaining, like standing in the workplace for hours. There are many other work-related situations, but slips, trips, and falls are the three major causes behind severe foot problems.

Slips, Trips, and Falls – In A Nutshell!

Slips – Take place when your feet are unable to maintain enough grip on a surface. Conditions like wet floors, oily floors, and haphazardly kept walking mats, can cause slips in the workplace.

Trips – When your feet strike an object, your body-balance becomes disrupted and you eventually fall on the ground – or at least come close to falling. A workplace full of obstacles and clutter can cause workers to trip.

Falls – These are the ultimate consequences caused by slips and trips.

The Importance of Quality Footwear at Work – How Does it Help?

It’s very important for the workers working in the field to take necessary care throughout their daily operations. Organizations also need to ensure that all safety measures are taken in order to avoid any accidents. But the chance of a possible slip, trip or fall, are always there, no matter how safe the environment. That’s the reason why having an additional layer of safety is recommended. Hence, wearing quality footwear at work is highly recommended for workers performing jobs such as electricians, movers, plumbers, telecom technicians, or any similar job that involves construction or tasks that require the use of Safety footwear.

The two most obvious advantages of wearing quality footwear at work are highlighted below. These points explain how quality footwear helps prevent slips, trips, and falls by workers.

  • Sudden slips, trips, and falls are awkward situations that can take place in any work environment. Organizations (employers) should develop safety measures to ensure that accidents do not occur. But despite precautionary measures, like drying the work floor after it’s washed or cleaning up a water spill, there is no better alternative to quality footwear. Workers wearing quality footwear remain protected from sudden slips, trips and falls in the workplace.
  • Electric shocks are another big threat to workers working in the field. In order to mitigate the risk of electric shocks, good quality footwear generally made up of leather upper and a rubber insulated sole is recommended.

What Qualities Should a Work Boot Possess?

  • Straight inner sole (without any bumps);
  • Enough space for the toes to move freely;
  • Firmly gripped heels with a padded lining;
  • Cushioned soles for extra comfort;
  • Wide-based heel;
  • Enhanced Arch Support.

If you’re interested in maintaining worker safety while in the workplace, consider purchasing a pair of The Original Clean Boot. They allow you to work in comfort and stability while taking away some of the risks associated with Slips, Trips, and Falls.

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