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Student Painting and boot covers

Another great use for boot covers- Spring has sprung, and many are getting their spring cleaning and painting started.  Signs are popping up everywhere for companies like Student Works Painting and College Pro painting as well as other painting franchises.

Some people do not hire student based painters because they worry about the professionalism that these students will demonstrate on the job.  Customers question the quality of the work, as well as the cleanliness of the student painters.  Student painters are well trained, do a great job and if given the right materials and equipment, will keep a customers home immaculately clean.

Aside from the obvious use of drop cloths, rags and paint removers to keep floors clean, a cheap product that helps make student painters more marketable are washable boot covers such as the neoprene boot covers offered by the Clean Boot.

While painting interiors of homes, painters often run in and out of the house to bring in supplies, laddars, and to wash and dry paint brushes.  Wearing neoprene washable boot covers or shoe covers allows the painters to do this quickly, without removing their shoes.  It also gives customers a sense of security knowing that their painters won’t be walking around their homes in their outdoor shoes to save time.

At approximately $20.00 a pair of reusable neoprene boot covers, it makes sense for painting franchises to suit their workers up with boot covers.  This is also a selling feature that painters can bring up while quoting a painting job.

Whether you have your own painting business, are part of a painting franchise, or you’re just a do-it yourselfer around the home painter, the Clean Boot neoprene shoe covers, can save you time, and money spent on clean-up costs.

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